• Employee Spotlight: Amanda Santos

    After spending the summer as an intern in our Account Services department, Amanda Santos has joined the Inspira team full-time as an Account Coordinator! To get to know the Danbury, CT native better, read along in this edition of the Employee Spotlight.

    What is one superpower you wish you possessed?

    Teleportation! It would make being on time a breeze.

    Do you speak any other languages?

    Thanks to my parents, I speak fluent Portuguese!

    If you knew me, you'd know that...

    I love to dance -- even if I'm in public or if there's no music on #NoShame

    What is one thing you can't live without?

    Spotify Premium!

    What are three things on your bucket list?

    1. Skydive in Dubai

    2. Attend a World Cup game

    3. Be on Sneaker Shopping with Complex (lol)