• Infographic: How Human Is Your Brand?

    From social to chatbots, digital communication has opened the door for more immediate engagement between consumers and brands. Consumers expect those conversations to be personalized and authentic at every touchpoint; and a brand’s performance during those interactions has a huge impact on customer relationships. Researchers found that those brands that communicate with them, rather than at them, build long-lasting emotional connections with consumers. Here, we look at the human characteristics consumers look for in brands and how consumer experience can impact business outcomes.


    Here are four facts that brands need to know when crafting communication to consumers:

    Great Experiences Drive Loyalty

    Consumers are 57% more likely to be loyal to a brand that demonstrates human communication

    Emotions Power Brand Experience

    Consumers cite emotional characteristics as leading drivers of brand humanity

    1. Responsive
    2. Social
    3. Friendly
    4. Thoughtful
    5. Helpful
    6. Personable
    7. Intelligent
    8. Honest
    9. Reassuring

    What Makes Brands Human?

    Characteristics that reinforce brand-consumer connections.

    Act Natural

    Speak like a regular person

    Communicate in a friendly tone

    Send me clear, understandable messages

    Be Considerate

    Show you value my time/business

    Responds in a timely manner

    Communicates via my preferred method

    Get Personal

    Show you understand what matters to me

    Provide great recommendations

    Understand my preferences

    Two-Way Communication Drives Love & Loyalty

    Emotional, human connection creates brand love

    Experienced human connection with brand

    Did not experience human connection with brand

    Love it! 37% 18%

    Likely to Recommend 46% 26%

    Made a purchase/use 47% 30%

    Very satisfied 47% 25%

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