• Infographic: Mind Your Food: A Look at the Evolving Tastes of Consumers

    Food trends come and go, but as tastes change, so do the needs of consumers. The shift to a wellness-focused lifestyle has resulted in a more mindful approach to food. Consumers are re-prioritizing how and what they eat and the need for reassurance about the safety of food has led to an increased demand for ethically and environmentally sourced products. As consumers seek out healthier food and beverages, brands will have to consider how they position their products and understand what claims are most important to consumers.


    Here are four facts you need to know about consumers and their evolving palates:

    Making Healthy Choices

    Consumers are making an effort to choose healthier foods

    93% at least some of the time

    63% most, if not all, of the time

    25% are committed to at least one health, wellness, ethical or environmental attribute in the foods they eat

    Lose Weight! Gain Energy! Live Longer!

    Not surprisingly, weight loss is the top motivation for healthier food choices. But, consumers are also taking a long-term view of health.

    Top five motivations for adopting a healthier eating pattern

    1. weight loss
    2. more energy
    3. protect my long-term health
    4. prevent weight gain
    5. improve health

    The Claims That Count

    It’s no longer as simple as fat-free or low-calorie, consumers are making purchasing decisions based on a variety of claims.

    Consumers who frequently buy products with the following health benefit claims:


    69% no artificial ingredients

    67% no preservatives

    66% all natural

    55% organic

    54% non-GMO


    67% locally sourced/produced

    56% antibiotic/hormone free

    46% cage-free

    38% fair-trade sourced


    60% protein-rich

    55% Omega-3 fatty acids or “good” fat

    47% antioxidant-rich

    Less of…

    58% low-salt

    56% low-calorie

    56% low-fat

    51% sugar-free

    49% low-carbohydrate

    Alternative Dietary Lifestyle

    42% plant-based

    35% gluten-free

    31% vegetarian

    23% vegan

    18% Paleo

    Paying for The Privilege

    Increasingly, consumers are willing to pay more for products they perceive to be healthier and/or comply with dietary lifestyle guidelines. Consumers say they’ll pay more…

    Natural Ethical Enhanced Less of Alt. Diet

    All of the time 22% 20% 18% 15% 14%

    Some of the time 51% 53% 52% 48% 45%

    Never 27% 27% 30% 37% 41%

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