• Infographic: Unpacking the Travel Consumer's Journey

    From quick getaways to bucket-list travel experiences, consumers are spending more time and money on travel than ever before. The vast array of online booking sites offering premium travel deals at affordable prices have made it easy for consumers to choose destinations with the tap of a finger. But, it has also forced airlines and hotels to work harder to get - and keep - consumers’ attention.

    While the majority of travel consumers are brand-conscious, only 9% begin their journey with a specific travel brand in mind. However, when they have a relationship with a travel brand, they’re 22% more likely than average to select that brand over another. Here, we look at the travel consumer and how experiential and social amplification strategies develop relationships that build loyalty.


    Here are five facts to know about travel consumers and what makes them tick.

    Adventure Seekers

    Travel consumers perceive themselves as affluent and adventurous

    61% buy premium products

    60% brand conscious

    56% believe others view them as adventurous

    50% consider themselves more affluent than average

    Try Before You Fly

    Experiential strategies entice consumers to explore new destinations

    64% would like to use virtual reality to preview a travel destination before booking

    Book Now!

    Top purchase drivers among travel consumers

    64% coupons and discounts

    32% customer reviews

    32% loyalty points

    23% positive comments on social media

    18% entry into competitions

    Travel Envy

    User-generated social media influences decisions

    97% of Millennial travelers and 60% of all travelers share travel photos

    40% of Millennials consider the “Instagrammability” of their destination before booking

    Word-of-Mouth Drives Decision Making

    Top sources of brand discovery

    36% search engines

    33% paid advertising

    30% word-of-mouth

    25% social media

    27% brand websites

    24% consumer review websites

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