• Employee Spotlight: Vanessa Demetrio

    Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, Vanessa Demetrio recently joined the Inspira team as a Regional Field Manager. To get to know her better, read along in this edition of the Employee Spotlight!

    Do you speak any other languages?

    I do! Brazilian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Portuguese was actually my very first language. Other than my family members, I don't have too many people nearby to maintain my fluency, so I'm always looking for some Portuguese-speaking friends.

    Who is your favorite television character?

    100% Don Draper from Mad Men. I'd like to believe that his charming, yet controversial character nailed what a day in the life of a 1960s NYC ad man was like.

    What are you passionate about personally?

    Hosting and attending food and alcohol pairing events! I love researching and experimenting with beer, wine, and spirit pairings that enhance the flavors of various cuisines.

    If you owned a yacht, what would you call it?

    Made Ya Look!

    What is your favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

    Football! GO EAGLES. Outside of those glorious (and stressful) 17 weeks, I love grabbing some to-go food and visiting local CT wineries and breweries. A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content.