• Infographic: What We Know About Cannabis Consumers

    As more states move to legalize medicinal and recreational marijuana, consumer attitudes continue to evolve. In fact, 56% of Americans indicate that they’re in favor of legalization, while 16% admit to being cannabis consumers themselves. Of those who consume, we’re seeing increasing diversity; men, women, young, and old are all turning to cannabis as a means to reduce stress, ease aches and pains, and even diminish use of other substances like alcohol and tobacco. Here, we take a look at today’s cannabis consumer to understand who they are and what makes them tick.


    Here are four things you need to know about cannabis consumers:

    Cannabis and Self-Care

    10% have practiced yoga in the last six months (23% more than the average consumer)

    59% follow a regular exercise routine

    46% prefer alternative medical treatments over medical practices

    Opportunity Abounds in Travel and Leisure

    58% of consumers have indicated they're interested in cannabis-friendly hotels and resorts

    About half of consumers say they'd be interested in going to a cannabis consumption lounge

    Diversity on the Rise

    Baby Boomers were one of the fastest growing consumer segments, increasing by 25% over the past year

    Female consumers nearly doubled, and now represent 38% of cannabis consumers

    Did you know? First-time cannabis consumers increased by 140% in 2018

    Cannabis as an Alternative

    71% of consumers have either reduced or stopped their use of OTC pain medication due to cannabis use

    35% of consumers have either reduced or stopped their use of prescription pain medication due to cannabis use

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