• Infographic: What's Winning Over Consumers in Financial Services?

    The proliferation of digital brands in the world of financial services has led many big banks and investment firms to rethink their strategies when it comes to acquiring and retaining customers. Here, we take a look at the consumer's perspective in order to understand how these institutions can position themselves to win over the next generation of consumers with a shifting set of priorities.


    Here are four things you need to know about the future of financial services:

    Influence of Friends and Family

    43% personal references

    13% comparison websites

    11% traditional marketing

    9% google search

    5% digital marketing

    Did you know? Fifty-three percent of consumers said they chose not to use a company because of negative feedback from family and friends.

    Rates and Fees Take Precedence

    42% of consumers say that the biggest consideration is how their rates and fees compare to those of rival companies

    22% the services provided (direct deposit, online bill pay, investment services, mortgage loans, student loans, card loans)

    13% trust that the company will protect their information

    10% proximity of physical branches

    5% ability to manage services via a mobile app

    4% reputation for good customer service

    3% convenient enrollment or application process

    While mobile applications appear to rank as a low priority for most consumers, they're gaining steam with younger generations who are looking for quick, convenient banking without visiting a branch. What percent of each age group ranks mobile apps in their top three?

    42% of ages 18-21

    37% of ages 21-37

    34% of ages 38-52

    18% of ages 53-71

    What Leads to Loyalty?

    43% how rates and fees compare to other financial services companies

    19% variety of services available

    9% proximity of physical branches

    9% trustworthiness of the company

    8% quality of customer service

    Once a consumer has chosen a financial institution, there's some serious reluctance to switch. In fact, 72% of consumers say they have no plans to switch to a new financial services provider. However, there's a clear relationship between age and willingness to do so.

    40% of 18-21 year olds considering a move

    35% of 22-37 year olds

    12% 53-71

    9% 72+

    Transparency Leads to Trust

    What do consumers value the most?

    57% comprehensive, up-front information about a company’s services, rates, and fees

    26% company proactively communicates that their information will be secure (fraud preventing services, etc.)

    11% seamless enrollment / application process

    6% user-generated content or testimonials

    Experiential marketing can serve as a valuable tool for marketers looking to educate consumers and build trust through in-person interactions.

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