• Employee Spotlight: Jeremy Litchfield

    Employee Spotlight: Jeremy Litchfield

    Meet the latest addition to our team, Jeremy Litchfield. In addition to working at Inspira, Jeremy owns and runs his own outdoor apparel brand with his wife in his home state of Maine. Want to get to know more about Jeremy? Read on...

  • Three Things to Know from SXSW 2017

    Three Things to Know from SXSW 2017

    SXSW has always been always been a hot topic amongst marketers, and these days, it is no different. However, conversation in recent years has been surrounded by scrutiny. Those who have long made the annual trek to Austin will readily remind you that, “it’s not what it used to be.” Still, as cries from purists and pundits proliferate, the reality is that SXSW still represents a one-stop shop for the up-and-coming trends and technologies — each of which will have a residual effect on how marketers curate the next iteration of experiences for their consumer base.

  • Employee Spotlight: Brian Draper

    Employee Spotlight: Brian Draper

    Today, we put the spotlight on our newest Account Director, Brian! Fun Fact: one of his life goals is to learn how to speak fluent Spanish. Wanna know more about Brian? Read on...

  • When it Comes to Experiences, One Size Does Not Fit All

    When it Comes to Experiences, One Size Does Not Fit All

    Apple has long been among the world’s most innovative companies when it comes to advertising, so it goes without saying that their efforts should be closely monitored. That’s why all eyes were on Apple when they revealed that they were restructuring their relationship with their ad agency, TWBA\Media Arts Lab.

  • Five Rules to Live By When Developing a Mobile Tour

    Five Rules to Live By When Developing a Mobile Tour

    As marketers have found more channels and means to communicate their message, the number of branded messages that consumers are exposed to on a given day has ballooned to nearly 5,000. The residual effect has left consumers largely immune to marketing messages, allowing only 100 or so to permeate through their attention wall.

  • Employee Spotlight: Halle Gavrielidis

    Employee Spotlight: Halle Gavrielidis

    This week, we got to know our new Junior Analyst, Halle! Halle recently graduated from UConn and started out as an intern here at Inspira.

  • Employee Spotlight: Blake Bentzen

    Employee Spotlight: Blake Bentzen

    Say hello to our newest team member, Blake Bentzen.