Milo’s Kitchen

Milo’s Kitchen Treat Truck Tour

Milo's Kitchen was on a mission to give pet parents and their pets something new

The Goal

  • Introduce Milo's Kitchen new product innovations and its “Made-In-The-USA" messaging
  • Celebrate pet parent relationship with an experience designed for dogs

The Experience

  • We took the ordinary food truck and gave it a furry twist! Equipped with Milo's premium line of treats, our "Treat Truck" traveled to dog-friendly events and locations, garnering media hits and social media impressions along the way
  • At the Treat Truck, we delivered a fully-immersive experience that was designed in consultation with a dog psychologist, ensuring that the footprint was free of doggy drama
  • From the custom truck to the lounge area, every aspect of the experience was designed to feel as premium as the brand itself