How Thomas' Brought the Buzz Back to Breakfast

The Situation

Thomas’ has been a household name amongst American families for over a century, but the brand found that many consumers were no longer eating breakfast. How do you bring the excitement back to the most important meal of the day?

Our Strategy & Activation

To “toast” the most important meal of the day, the Thomas’ Breakfast Like No Other Tour brought its experience to festivals, events, and retailers in 18 different cities. Equipped with a 28’ trailer designed in the likeness of a giant toaster, the tour introduced thousands of consumers to Thomas’ array of bagels and English muffins.

Consumers began their experience by ordering a custom, handcrafted breakfast sandwich, courtesy of the Thomas’-trained brand ambassadors. And, rather than standing there to wait for their treat, attendees were invited into the toaster trailer to create a GIF alongside a 7’ English muffin replica. Next, they could make their way to the “Toast Your Luck” slot-machine style game, where they had the chance to win branded premiums such as sunglasses, tote bags, and cutting boards.

Afterwards, consumers were invited to grab their sandwiches and dine at one of the custom high-top tables, each of which were designed to resemble stacks of Thomas’ bagels and English muffins. The experience didn’t end with the food, though, as consumers stuck around to play outdoor games like cornhole, ring toss, and KanJam – each with its own special Thomas’ twist.

The Results

In partnership with micro-influencers, the 21-market tour 14.7 million impressions were made and 220,000 consumers learned first-hand how a Thomas’ breakfast is truly like no other.