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Achieving equity in the workplace has become business critical. So American Express surveyed its female executives and found that only one-third described themselves as “ambitious,” although they had career ambitions beyond their current roles.
Inspira Challenge

The Challenge

If women don’t feel empowered to embrace their ambition or feel supported by those around them, they can’t achieve their full potential. How could AMEX celebrate ambitious women, support them, and create a more empowered workforce?
EQ Primary research showed that female professionals tend to downplay their ambitions because they don’t want to appear too assertive or pushy. And compared to all other groups, single women were less likely to take on leadership roles, ask for a raise, or speak up at meetings. But the study also showed that when women see other women in leadership roles, they are more likely to envision a successful future and embrace their goals and ambitions.
IQ Secondary data confirmed that ambition is often viewed as a negative trait in women. Moreover, Americans have very different views about what society values most in men versus women. In a Pew Research Center survey of U.S. adults, the top three traits or characteristics that society values most in men are honesty/morality, professional/financial success, and ambition/leadership. The top three qualities valued in women? Attractiveness, kindness/empathy, and intelligence.
Inspira Inspiration

The Inspirational Insight

When women see other women in leadership roles, they feel empowered to embrace their ambition and support others to do the same.

The Concept

With an ultimate goal of ensuring that future generations of women celebrate ambition, Inspira created a day-long experiential journey to engage employees and celebrate International Women’s Day at AMEX HQ in NYC. From strategy to creative/design to staffing, training, catering, build-out, etc., this premier event brought the entire AMEX community together to learn about and celebrate women’s ambitions with an immersive branded takeover of the whole HQ building.

We also orchestrated a strategic alliance with the Enthuse Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses. To spotlight female entrepreneurship, we created “The Ambitious Avenue”, a series of life-sized, Insta-worthy storefront facades featuring seven diverse women-owned businesses.

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Inspira Results

The Results


impressions at AMEX HQ


of AMEX HQ employees attended the events, a new record for employee engagement


women-owned small businesses distributed 5,000 product samples at “The Ambitious Avenue” cocktail reception


of HQ employees proudly wore and displayed “The Ambition Project” branded swag

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