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National Geographic

Reimagining Dinosaurs

Nat Geo Reimagining Dinosaurs

The Challenge

National Geographic’s scientists recently unearthed new discoveries about dinosaurs that found that much of what we thought knew about these prehistoric creatures — from how they looked to how they moved — was wrong. The brand wanted to leverage humankind’s ageless curiosity about these ancient beasts to promote October’s Reimagining Dinosaurs issue and drive awareness and subscriptions of its new National Geographic premium family subscription.

Our Strategy & Activation

We needed to create an “OMG” moment that allowed families to have fun together while learning about Nat Geo’s new dinosaur discoveries. To do this, we partnered with Good Morning America on a segment that highlighted Nat Geo’s exciting new revelations, and then continued to build momentum through influencers and select media partners. We created interactive dino-themed kits for each influencer that included a custom 3D-printed Spinosaurus egg, Nat Geo branded gifts, and a copy of the Reimagining Dinosaurs issue. This allowed families across the country to join in on the fun and continue their learning adventure. In addition to influencer posts, the brand leveraged its owned social channels, with more than 150 million followers, to amplify the content.