Life is Good

The Life is Good Tour

The Situation

Approaching the brand’s 20th anniversary, Life is Good founders Bert and John Jacobs knew that they needed to change the way their brand was perceived. After rejuvenating the brand logo and product line to appeal to a younger audience, they wanted to get the word out to consumers across the country.

Our Strategy & Activation

In order to bring the brand back to the forefront, we needed to generate awareness of the revitalized clothing line, communicate the brand’s commitment to helping kids in need, and capture compelling content to tell the brand’s story across social media.

And so, Bert and John hit the road in a branded Airstream trailer, visiting 14 cities in eight weeks to spread their message of optimism while helping kids along the way. The Life is Good Tour partnered with countless like-minded and passionate organizations, making pit stops at each of their events. At each activation, they sold apparel out of the Airstream, which opened up to display retail items. In sticking with the brand mission, 100% of profits went to the Life is Good Kids Foundation.

To help consumers embrace the optimism, they were encouraged to write what they were grateful for on a yellow plastic ball and toss it into the eight-foot-tall Gratitude Jar. Meanwhile, the GIF booth and branded Volkswagen cut-out served as authentic photo opportunities for guests. These were crucial to the tour, as every photo shared to social media using #GROWtheGood resulted in a $1 donation to the Life is Good foundation.

To keep guests engaged even longer, the footprint also included games such as cornhole, giant Jenga, and Bimini. Finally, celebrity support from influencers such as Jimmy Kimmel, Leah Remini, and Giada De Laurentiis drew further attention to the tour and amplified the brand’s message.

The Results

Beyond the 12,000 consumers that experienced our footprint, the Life is Good Tour earned 478 PR Media hits, generating a staggering 1.3 billion impressions. Most importantly, though, the revenue earned from the tour and additional donations totaled up to $1 million, all of which went to children in need.