Our DEI Promise

At Inspira, we believe diversity, equity, and inclusion are crucial to a workplace where people of all backgrounds can flourish and feel inspired. We are committed to fostering a culture where everyone is valued and included and can contribute from their full potential, including their differences, experiences, knowledge, and unique capabilities and talents, while maintaining respect for the dignity and safety of others.

Our goal is to build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment that reflects the wonderfully diverse marketplace in which we operate.


We commit to working transparently and with active participation from every community group in our agency to the extent possible. We are working to create an environment where all groups and employee perspectives are represented. We’ll create actionable goals and policies to foster a work environment where policies are communicated to everyone who works for Inspira. In doing so, we are committing to establishing a culture where all employees may attain equal opportunities to succeed.


We embrace our employees’ differences, and we commit to wholly embracing a culture of diversity of thought and experience. We recognize that the key to achieving unity and success is understanding the benefits of a diverse culture; bridging our differences and harnessing them toward our shared goals. We uphold to create an environment that roots out any type of discrimination against a person based on any protected characteristic that makes our employees unique, including, but not limited to, their race, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, disability, ethnicity, age, socio-economic status, or veteran status.


We commit to thoughtfully curating shared experiences that surpass participation. Our work will celebrate and include all members of our community, with attention paid to voices that might be marginalized, even in a diverse workplace.

Reflecting on these commitments, our Equity Alliance program will embrace diversity and experiences, work transparently and with active participation from every community group, and build the thoughtfully curated shared experiences and actionable policies that ensure everyone is treated equitably.

To achieve this vision, Inspira established an employee-led Equity Alliance that is supported by a leadership-led Equity Alliance Steering Committee.

It is the focus of the Equity Alliance and its Steering Committee to inspire, develop, and nurture current and future employees based on the understanding that the organization embraces all people.

The Equity Alliance and its Steering Committee also seek to challenge any shortcomings of the organization’s culture, as well as striving to tackle biases and eliminate obstacles to inclusion. Through this rolling program of work, we encourage the people who work at Inspira to have a voice in shaping the equity, diversity, and inclusion agenda.