​Three Ways That Brands Can Use Instagram’s New IGTV Function

The recent launch of IGTV, Instagram’s latest venture, has made a splash in the marketing world thus far. As opposed to Instagram stories (15 seconds) and traditional feed posts (60 seconds) that have strict time constraints, IGTV presents an opportunity for brands and influencers seeking to share long-form video content.

The new function for Instagram also represents competition for other video-based platforms such as YouTube, with IGTV allowing creators to publish videos up to an hour in length to a channel that directly links to their current Instagram account. With the rise of the YouTube celebrity, Instagram is seeking new avenues to further engage influencers that have a focus on video content. Where IGTV differs from YouTube, though, is in that this feature is designed for vertical videos, solidifying Instagram’s investment in mobile devices.

As brands and influencers seek to take advantage of this new offering, let’s take a look at a few ways that they can start using IGTV!

Showcase lifestyle integration

One of the most popular and successful forms of video is the how-to tutorial. From beauty tricks to recipes, this style is applicable across a wide variety of categories and captures an audience’s attention by teaching viewers something new. The draw of learning through demonstration allows brands to seamlessly integrate products without feeling forced or unnatural.

IGTV serves as a perfect way for brands to not only house this content, but also provide click-through links alongside it for a more seamless path to purchase. As a brand founded by a notable social media celebrity, it’s no surprise that Kylie Cosmetics (by Kylie Jenner) has already mastered IGTV. The brand’s channel showcases makeup tutorials and new product swatches for an ever-growing audience of beauty fans.

Expand event reach

Contrary to typical feed posts and stories, IGTV allows for long-form video content that can take your storytelling to the next level. While Instagram Live presents a similar opportunity for storytelling on the platform, its “in-the-moment” nature leaves room for the unexpected to take place – representing a risk for marketers looking to highlight their branded events. IGTV, on the other hand, presents itself as a way for consumers to be taken through the journey in the curated way the brand intended. Overall, IGTV is ideal for brands looking to share event recaps, on-site tours, and “vlog” style videos with their audience.

Louis Vuitton recently used IGTV to broadcast their Men’s Spring Summer 2019 show, bringing the exclusive event to fans worldwide. The entirety of the 12-minute video is optimized for vertical viewing, making it easy for an audience to view on mobile devices.

Create exclusive content

For those looking to break into the world of video, IGTV makes it easy by eliminating the hurdle of growing a following from scratch on a foreign platform. Since IGTV is synced with a user’s current Instagram account, the new extension gives brands a chance to dive into creating video content without the struggle of building an entirely new audience.

With this, creating IGTV exclusive videos such as interviews, influencer partnerships, and behind-the-scenes clips allows brands to experiment while driving traffic specifically to their IGTV channel. Nickelodeon has done this with great success, using the platform to showcase an interview with influencer and Double Dare host Liza Koshy.

As with any advances in technology, brands that are early adopters stand to gain the most. By following these quick and easy tips on how to use IGTV, you, too, can reap the benefits. 

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