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3 Thirst-Quenching Beer Trends of 2023

Check out this week’s infographic depicting three trends to keep an eye out for where the beer market could be heading in 2023.

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2023 is going to be an interesting year in beer. And the perfect time to think about beer is with St. Paddy’s day on the horizon, where we turn entire rivers green in celebration of the most ancient and storied of beverages.

Three of the most prominent trends we’ve seen in data (and noted by our own field team of beer industry experts) show that while beer sales are holding strong, there may be some curveballs coming our way. 

Trend 1: We’re Drinking Less Alcohol, but More NA Beer

It’s true: Americans overall are drinking less alcohol than last year and more non-alcoholic beverages. What might surprise you, though, is that consumers aren’t necessarily separating those two beverages, but are combining them while drinking. 

  • Gen Z is drinking 20% less per capita than Millennials at the same age.1
  • 32% of those polled said they were drinking less alcohol overall.2
  • Over 80% of those buying non-alcoholic beer still drink alcohol. NA beer is used to moderate or spread out alcohol consumption.3 

All of this adds up to an up-and-coming generation concerned about health and inebriation, looking to spend their money to have a good time in moderation. 

Trend 2: Imports and Ecommerce Are On the Rise

Imported beer–specifically Mexican beer–is grabbing a larger portion of the market than ever before, while many folks are ordering their alcohol online.

  • Imported beer sales have grown by 4%, led by Mexican beer.4
  • Beer, cider, and RTD drinks may account for nearly 25% of ecommerce drink sales by 2026.4

While folks will always be grabbing their beverage of choice from local watering holes and grocery stores, drink consumers are looking further than ever before. Alcohol brands and marketers, especially those in the RTD category, should be bolstering their ecommerce channels.

Trend 3: Consumers are Feeling the Pinch

Extreme inflation is still limiting consumer options, and consumers are fully aware of this. They’re still looking to tie one on for stress relief or as a treat, but consumers are spending more time and energy finding deals.

  • 32% are drinking less alcohol due to financial concerns.2
  • “Price” was the most popular motivator for buying the beer they did (52%).2

Beer companies that are already fielding NA options are ideally positioned to take advantage, especially if they keep the price tag low.

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