Customer Experience Trends To Keep An Eye Out For In 2022

New year, new customer experience trends! 2022 is ushering in a variety of new and emerging customer experience trends, and it’s more important than ever for companies to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Continue reading to learn more about customer experience, why it is vital for a brand’s success, and some emerging trends for 2022.

What Is Customer Experience? 

When we discuss customer experience, we are talking about your consumers’ perception of their experiences with your company. Because customer experience is holistic, it has to grow over time. When a customer interacts with the business, that interaction joins memories of other previous interactions with the company. And that is customer experience. 

This is yet another reason it is critical to ensure that your entire brand is up to par. Whether it be customer service on the website, an in-store experience, or brand activation, you want to ensure that your company is telling a cohesive story and that their experiences with the brand leave them wanting more. 

Why Is Customer Experience Critical To A Brand’s Success? 

Customer experience can help a brand reach its fullest potential. Satisfied customers with a positive perception of the company will return, and 86% of consumers loyal to a brand report would recommend the company to friends and family. Therefore, customer experience efforts can help your company grow. 

With so many brands out there competing for space in a saturated market, excelling in the customer experience space can also help differentiate your brand and carve out a space for its success. Ultimately, customer experience is the gift that keeps giving, but you also have to work diligently to upkeep the company’s operations to maintain that standard of excellence.

What Are Some Engaging Customer Experience Trends Emerging In 2022? 

Customer experience trends evolve, and brands must stay abreast of new developments. Here are some of the key emerging trends in the customer experience space in 2022. 

Trend #1: The Age Of Hyper Individualization Is Here 

Customers are increasingly enthusiastic about personalization. Why? Because it allows them to feel special and embrace their unique sense of self. Today’s consumers expect brands to provide this experience. Ultimately, the age of hyper individualization is rooted in the consumers’ desire to have a more meaningful, authentic connection with the company and its products. 

Trend #2: Digital Comes First

While this isn’t a new trend, it’s an important one. According to McKinsey, the Covid-19 pandemic is responsible for accelerating the digitization of both customer and supply chain interactions by three to four years. Therefore, it’s never been more important to have intentional, impactful digital-first interactions with clients. 

This could be achieved through apps, a smooth omnichannel experience, and digital exclusives.  For instance, you can create a digital-exclusive experience for customers to experience. Not only does this harness the power of digital-first, but it also opens the door for consumers to make a positive perception of your business. And, of course, you shouldn’t ignore the value of social commerce

Trend #3: The Experience Economy Is Experiencing A Boom 

Of course, today’s consumers care about products, but they are also on the hunt for experiences. In fact, retailers are looking to expand and offer creative services to showcase the products in up-and-coming ways. These brands are also looking into ways to build a sense of community

Think of the brands that offer the opportunity to put the products they purchased into use with an event, such as through a class. The experience economy is experiencing a boom right now, and brands should make the most of it.

Are you looking to use experiential marketing to generate a buzz around your company? Reach out today to learn more about how our award-winning agency can help! 


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