Experience is Everything: 2019 Trends in Experiential Marketing

In the past decade, there has been a massive shift in consumer behavior. Instead of buying things, consumers are increasingly choosing to invest in experiences. If there’s any doubt, just think about the massive popularity of engagements like Refinery 29’s “29 Rooms” or the Museum of Ice Cream.

Marketers are also embracing brand experiences. In fact, 41% consider live events to be the most effective marketing channel to achieve business goals and 63% of marketers plan to invest more of their budget in experiential strategies in 2019.

Successful experiential marketing strategies start by taking the time to understand how the target consumer thinks and feels before leveraging those insights to design experiences that authentically connect that audience with the brand.

What experiences will drive these connections? In Experience is Everything: 2019 Trends in Experiential Marketing, we explore the experiential marketing trends that will engage consumers in 2019. Enjoy!


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