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Father’s Day 2022: 10 Surprising Holiday Statistics

A comprehensive survey by the National Retail Federation found that 76% of Americans will celebrate Father’s Day in 2022. That means roughly 196 million adults will be shopping for pop, scouring internet and brick-and-mortar retail stops for the perfect gift. 

These 10 surprising holiday statistics can help us figure out two things: what dads in the US actually want for their big day, and how consumers are spending their roughly $20 billion in gift budget this year.

10 Father’s Day Shopping Statistics for 2022

  1. Consumers plan to spend the same amount on Father’s Day as last year: $171.79. Considering the massive increase in inflation this year, that amounts to less gift for their buck. However, gift expenditures on Father’s Day have doubled since 2009 overall. 
  2. Shoppers are considering these top five gift categories, in order of highest percentage to lowest: Greeting cards, clothing, a special outing, gift cards, and personal care products. 
  3. Younger generations look to retailers for gift ideas. Nearly half of Generation Z and Millennials said they’d “always or very often” get Father’s Day gift inspiration from retailers. The percentage of Gen Xers who get ideas from retailers is only 26%, with Baby Boomers floating between 18% and 12%. 
  4. Men are spending a bit more than women on dad. According to NRF, the average man is expected to spend $199.84 for Father’s Day, with women averaging $145.13.
  5. Men and women are buying gifts for different people. According to a different survey, the largest percentage of men are buying gifts for their father or stepfather, while women are more likely to be buying gifts for their husbands. 
  6. Grandfathers aren’t getting many Father’s Day gifts. When asked whom consumers plan to buy a gift for, Grandfathers are nearly at the bottom of the list. 6% of men and 4% of women say they’re getting something for their grandfather. The only group that rates lower in gift plans are godfathers. 
  7. Gift buyers want to find something original. When asked what the most important goal for their gift was, the largest cohort (44%) said “finding a gift that’s unique or different.” The second largest group (37%) said they were looking for a gift that “creates a special memory.”
  8. Two of the most popular plans for gifts aren’t a single item wrapped in a bow. 25% of those in the survey wanted to give a gift of “experience” to their father or husband, while 37% were shopping for an ongoing “subscription box” service. 
  9. Not everyone is planning ahead. A survey of over 1000 participants (performed by Manly Man Co) found that when asked how close to Father’s Day they buy their gift, 5.7% said “one day before,” with 2.9% claiming they buy their gift “on the way” to Father’s Day. An alarming 7.5% answered with “when is Father’s Day?” 
  10. As gifts go, socks and ties aren’t trending well. 10% of dads asked said the worst gift they ever received was a tie, while 4.9% said that socks were the bottom of the barrel. Perhaps most shocking by volume, 22.3% of surveyed dads said that “nothing” was the worst gift they’d ever received on Father’s Day.

Staying on top of holiday trends

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