Festival Fusion: The Power of Brand Experiences at Festivals

After years of leaning into performance marketing, the landscape is once again shifting to in-person experiences. According to 2023 Forrester research, more than three-quarters of marketing executives are returning to experiential marketing to educate, engage, and build trust with consumers.

Music festivals, such as Coachella and Lollapalooza, and food experiences, like the New York City Wine & Food Festival, are a natural fit for brands and prime opportunities to build brand love.

Here, we look at how consumers feel about events and the impact that participation has on brands.

The Power of Brand Experiences Infographic (1)

Who’s Attending Live Events

When asked if they would be attending more events this year over last, all generations raised their hands.


63% Gen Z

61% Millennials

52% Gen Z

42% Boomer


Consumers Prioritize the In-Person Experience

Despite financial cutbacks, Americans will spend to attend live events.

How consumers prioritize event ticket spending:


Essential High/Moderate Low/None

11% 58% 31%


We’re Better Together

Festivals and events build communities that brands want to be a part of.


65% said attending events make them feel less lonely

55% said that events sparked feelings of connection

41% said events make them feel part of a community


When it Comes to Festivals, Investment = Impact

Consumers who engage with branded experiences at festivals and events are:


71% more likely to remain loyal

75% more likely to spend more with the brand

81% more likely to recommend the brand and its products to family and friends


Sources: Forrester Experiential Benchmarks 2023, Eventbrite 2023 Event Trends Report


This article has been published in the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Marketing Knowledge Center. Click here to visit their blog.


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