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Google Search Algorithm Update Highlights Quality Product Reviews

As part of its regular search algorithm tweaks, Google announced that it aims to improve the quality of product reviews that it displays in search.

As explained by Google:

“Over the past year, we’ve been working to improve the product reviews we display in Search. Our first updates were designed to, among other things, help ensure reviews come from people who demonstrate expert knowledge and first-hand research about products. [This latest] update builds on this work to make sure that product reviews in Search meet certain criteria.”

How Google’s Latest Algorithm Will Impact Influencer Marketing

While this information is important for your SEO manager, your influencer marketing team may also want to take note. Why? Google’s algorithm will prioritize reviews from category experts and those who have used the product – i.e. influencers! Marketers who engage influencers to drive product reviews will want to ensure that their influencer briefs are designed to meet Google’s new search criteria as explained below:

  • Include helpful in-depth details, like the benefits or drawbacks of a certain item, specifics on how a product performs or, how the product differs from previous versions
  • Come from people who have actually used the products, and show what the product is physically like or how it’s used
  • Include unique information beyond what the manufacturer provides — like visuals, audio, or links to other content detailing the reviewer’s experience
  • Cover comparable products, or explain what sets a product apart from its competitors

We know that successful influencer campaigns require briefs that are detailed enough to achieve your campaign goals; yet allow creators the freedom to do what they do best – develop great content that will resonate with their followers. Tailoring briefs to maximize the potential to hit Google’s algorithm can double the efficacy of your influencer marketing campaigns.

What Effect Does Influencer Marketing Have on Purchase Intent?

We know the power of a great review. Indeed, 84% of consumers say they have made a purchase recommendation based on an influencer’s recommendation. In the last year, 67% of consumers have spent more than $150 based on influencer recommendations and 10% said they spent more than $1,000! These creators are trusted resources for reviews and recommendations which impact your bottom line.

Further, when asked why consumers trust influencer reviews, 61% say they trust their product and category expertise. And, although influencers are frequently compensated for reviewing products, 52% said they believe creators provide honest reviews. Considering these consumer insights, it’s no surprise that Google is prioritizing honest, detailed reviews.

Influencer campaigns can help to drive brand awareness, product reviews, and purchase intent. Learn how Inspira Marketing can help your brand develop scalable, cross-platform influencer programs tailored to meet your business goals. Contact us today to get started.

Sources: Google The Keyword blog, Inmar Intelligence June 2021

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