Great Work Starts with Great Values

Culture in the workplace is more than a cool office space and happy hours. It’s what lives deep inside each and everyone of us given the right environment, beliefs, values, and leadership of our respective organization.

I’m lucky to work at a place that embodies these principles. Inspira started back in 2008 with two people, one desk, and a burning desire in a small office in Wilton, Connecticut. Our mission then, as it is today, is driven by passion and inspired by a very personal cause.

Our formula has been rather simple and one you can easily replicate. Our great work is forward-thinking, business-building experiential marketing campaigns. Our great thing is helping to find a cure for pediatric cancer.

How can you harness the passion, innovation, and compassion of your teams to turn your great work into great things?

All too often business is measured by the numbers. By KPI’s and ROI. However, we measure success in the lives changed, people motivated, communities touched, and brands propelled. Doing great work can empower you to do great things. We do business differently so we can make a difference.

The dynamic of “culture” can’t be forced upon our employees nor mandated through trivial corporate policies. It happens organically. It permeates throughout the organization. And takes on a life of its own when every stakeholder fully embraces and personifies its essence.

Inspira’s trademark features a flame. It’s more than a branding icon, but symbolic of the fire that burns inside of me and everyone at Inspira Marketing. A flame of inspiration that lives deep within our hearts filling us with a purpose for our mission, passion for our work, and compassion towards others.

Collectively our team gives up much of their time and energy to help fulfill our mission. Not because it’s expected — because it’s not — but because we are inspired to play a role in making a difference and helping to find a cure for pediatric cancer.

Just last month the entire agency and our families and friends came together to support the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation’s Million Mile Challenge. Each of us committing to walk, run, and bike at least 100-miles throughout September. And our team raised the most money for the 3rd consecutive year of the hundreds of teams involved across the country.

The thing is, this is not something we do for 1-month, but everyday throughout the year. And this inspiration extends to our clients. We want to be better than just good enough. We want to do more than just what is asked of us. We strive to be great in all that we do. Not because it’s good business, but because that’s the business we are in.

Recently, we proudly developed and executed a “road trip for optimism” for Life Is Good where we helped them give away almost $1-Million to children’s charities across the campaign.

Culture and performance go hand-in-hand. It drives higher levels of performance, employee satisfaction, and client retention. That little office with two people and one desk just 7-years ago is now much larger with multiple offices and over 300 people across the country — and we’re just getting started!

And performance drives culture. We are an agency with a big heart and it starts with our team. We recognize the power of our people and we love to show them how much we appreciate their contributions as stakeholders in the business.

As a result, from tropical trips to flowing taps, we want them to feel inspired and proud they are a part of Inspira. And of course, great business leads to miscellaneous financial perks such as profit sharing, 401K match, unlimited PTO, and annual bonuses!

As well as — really cool office space and happy hours!

So how will you turn your great business into great things?

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