Hack the Amazon Search Bar With These Three Ways to Boost Your Brand

In fewer than 25 years, Amazon has captured almost half of all e-commerce sales and revolutionized the way we shop. Amazon has mastered personalization at scale through innovations in machine learning and its commitment to customer service.

However, the platform isn’t exactly brand-friendly. Marketers know their brands need to be on Amazon, but it’s a challenge to stand out amongst the sea of competitors. Amazon’s algorithm serves up previously viewed items, top sellers, and well-reviewed products first, as well as ads. So brands setting up shop on the site are often relegated to the third or fourth search results page.

If you have trouble securing a prominent position in search results, it’s imperative to utilize other marketing tactics to elevate your brand’s profile.

Want to learn how you can ensure that consumers search for you by your name? Head to Total Retail to read the thoughts of our Founder and CEO, Jeff Snyder.


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