How Auto Brands are Marketing Electric Vehicles to Consumers

According to Automotive News, brands could launch as many as 65 electric vehicles (EVs) in the United States between now and 2024. This rapid shift from OEMs not only reflects the government’s desire to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also shows just how far consumers have come on the subject of electric vehicles. In fact, according to the Electric Vehicle Sentiment Survey from CarGurus, 52% of US car owners expect to own an EV within the next ten years—quite the jump from just 34% in 2018.

For auto brands, the question that naturally follows is, “how can we accelerate that timeline?” The bad news for OEMs is that infrastructure is a major roadblock. Overall, 65% of auto owners would be convinced to buy an electric vehicle if there were more charging stations in their area, and an additional 62% said the same about replacement parts/batteries.

While such logistical issues can’t be solved immediately, there are other avenues for growth through marketing. Fifty-six percent of auto owners could be convinced to buy EVs if the long-term fuel and maintenance savings outweigh the initial asking price. That presents an opportunity for brands to educate consumers on their new offerings and show the benefits of buying electric.

How are OEMs marketing their new EVs to consumers in 2021? Below, we take a look.


Enthusiasm for electric vehicles is on the rise in the United States


Volkswagen Partners with Pinterest

Recently, Volkswagen announced that it would be teaming up with Pinterest to promote its first all-electric vehicle, the ID.4 SUV. On the Pinterest platform, the brand is offering a virtual experience that allows consumers to take the vehicle on a “test drive” with 360º viewing capabilities. The partnership will also include a promotion in which Pinterest creators walk consumers through their favorite parts of the car.

Why Pinterest? Those who use the platform are 55% more likely to be concerned about their carbon footprint than those who don’t, and over eight million consumers actively engage with auto content on the platform.


Jeep Leverages Volta for a Jolt

Jeep is taking advantage of the 55” digital displays at Volta charging stations—located at retail locations like Macy’s and Kohl’s—to launch a campaign introducing the electric Wrangler 4xe. This campaign will be the first to leverage Volta’s dynamic weather-based ad capability to serve up two different creative concepts depending on the conditions.

When it’s sunny out, the advertisement displays the Wrangler 4xe with its top down and out exploring. When it’s not, the display shows how the vehicle is capable of handling the elements. Through this network takeover, the brand hopes to reach drivers as they charge vehicles at key moments during their daily commute.


Polestar for a Painting?

In collaboration with some of the world’s largest auction houses and an international art advisor, Polestar is inviting potential buyers to trade pieces of their art collection for the Swedish electric vehicle. Paintings, sculptures, photography, and more will all be considered—so long as the valuation corresponds with the $155,000 sticker price of the Polestar 1. “It is hand-built, precious, and tangible, much like a piece of art,” said CEO Thomas Ingenlath of the car.

Looking to introduce your new electric vehicle offering to consumers in the coming months? Contact us today to learn how we can create integrated brand experiences that educate, encourage trial, and earn long-term loyalty.




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