Infographic: Auto Purchasing in the Pandemic

The pandemic has thrown a wrench into even the best-laid of plans this year, and it has greatly affected those looking to purchase or lease a vehicle. As far back as April, nearly four in five consumers were delaying their next purchase due to COVID-19, but we’re starting to see glimmers of hope. For brands and dealerships to maintain their market share, though, they’ll need to pay close attention to consumer preferences. Below, find out more about the state of automotive purchase process amidst the pandemic.


Auto Purchase in Pandemic


Here are four things you need to know about the state of the auto purchase process amidst the pandemic:


Piquing Purchase Consideration

Though many consumers are still delaying a vehicle purchase, sentiment has shifted over the past few months.

Are you delaying your next vehicle purchase as a result of COVID-19?

Yes / No

  • April: 79% / 21%
  • June: 69% / 31%


Dealership To-Dos

While consumers are becoming more open to purchasing a new vehicle, there is still an expectation that dealerships maintain certain health standards to protect consumers. Below are the top expectations when visiting a dealership to purchase or service a vehicle:

  • 73% Wipe Down Surfaces Regularly
  • 63% Employees Wear Face Masks
  • 60% Transparency About Sanitization Practices
  • 58% Adhere to Social Distancing Guidelines
  • 53% Contactless Drop-Off and Pick-Up for Vehicle Service
  • 44% Appointment-Only Visitors
  • 32% Don’t Accompany Customers on Test Drives

Did you know? Though not all consumers expect it of dealerships, 61% say they would prefer contactless options for vehicle delivery if the seller offered it.


Increased Importance of Driving

To stay safe, consumers have been driving in place of planes or public transportation. Accordingly, almost half of consumers say they see their car as an escape during this time. Below, we take a look at attitudes towards travel.

Do you plan to drive for trips this year instead of flying?

  • 55% Yes
  • 22% No
  • 23% Don’t Plan on Taking Any Trips

Did you know? Going forward, 45% of consumers say they expect to use their car for more road trips or longer drives.


Online vs. IRL

Three in five consumers express at least some interest in buying a car completely online given the circumstances of the pandemic. Below, we take a look at which parts of the purchase process they would prefer to move online:

  • 63% Price Negotiation
  • 55% Financing
  • 42% Trade-In Valuation
  • 37% Purchase

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