Infographic: Checking in with Gen Z

Born from 1997-2012, the oldest of Gen Zs are entering adulthood. With this generation accounting for almost a quarter of the United States population and an ever-increasing amount of spending power, brands need to pay attention. How have Gen Z attitudes and behaviors been shaped by the pandemic over the past year? Learn more in the infographic below.


Infographic Checking In With Gen Z

Here are four things you need to know about Gen Z attitudes and behaviors:


Managing Money

Over three-quarters of Gen Zs say that technology makes them feel more in control of their finances, whether it’s through the use of apps or contactless payments.

  • 86% say they use apps or digital services at least once a week to manage their money
  • 62% say that they now prefer contactless ways to pay instead of directly handling cash.

Which contactless methods have they used to shop?

  • 65% brand mobile apps
  • 41% social media apps
  • 35% voice assistants


Holding Brands Accountable

When they feel like marketers aren’t listening to them or representing them in an authentic manner, they’re willing to speak their minds.

  • 50% of Gen Zs say they have called out a brand that behaved in an unethical manner
  • 78% of Gen Z women have broken up with a brand for some reason
  • 61% of Gen Z women feel they aren’t seen or reflected by most brands


Impact of COVID-19

Many Gen Zs missed out on socialization, independence, and important rites of passage during the pandemic. As a result, it has had an impact on their collective psyche.

  • 77% of Gen Z women say the pandemic will have a long-term impact on their worldview
  • 64% of Gen Z teens say it will have a lasting impact on their generation’s mental health
  • 61% of Gen Z teens say it has increased their feelings of loneliness


Post-Pandemic Planning

Given the challenges they’ve dealt with during the pandemic, three-fifths of Gen Zs are looking forward to buying something to treat themselves once it’s all over. What do they plan to increase spending on?

  • 32% travel
  • 31% clothing
  • 29% home improvement
  • 29% groceries
  • 27% electronics

Did you know? In spite of the eagerness to return to normalcy, some changes are set to stay. Sixty percent of Gen Zs plan to maintain or increase spending on connected fitness equipment in 2021, while 54% say the same regarding virtual fitness classes.


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