Infographic: Don’t Forget About Generation X

Born between 1964 and 1982, Generation X is an oft-forgotten group. Discerning brands, however, understand the opportunity at hand with this generation. Though smaller in size than its Millennial successors, Gen X is in a better position to be the biggest spenders in the next decade or so. In fact, a quarter of them reside in the top 25% income bracket, making it a big mistake to ignore them altogether. Here, we take a look at their behavior in the digital world to understand how to best reach them.



Here are four things you need to know about Generation X:


Count Devices Among Their Vices


Average time spent on devices per day:

PC/Laptop/Tablet: 3:21

Smartphones: 2:41


What devices does the average Gen X own?

94% Smartphone

72% PC/Laptop

41% Tablet

40% Smart TV

21% Gaming Console


How They Discover Their Brands


39% search engines

38% ads seen on TV

33% word-of-mouth recommendations

26% brand/product websites

25% ads seen online

24% seen on social media


Though only 19% of Gen X consumers discover brands through ads heard on the radio, they are 39% more likely than other generations to do so.


They Do Their Research


55% search engine

37% consumer reviews

34% social networks

34% brand sites

31% price comparison


Experiential marketing can help close the gap with Gen X consumers who want to try before they buy by allowing them to see, feel, and experience your products for themselves.


Purchase and Loyalty

What motivates them to purchase?

58% free delivery

43% coupons and discounts

35% reviews from customers


What makes them motivated to promote their favorite brands?

48% high-quality products

42% rewards

33% great customer service

30% relevant to my interests

29% love for the brand


Is your brand looking to connect with Gen X consumers? Contact us today to learn how our suite of experiential-led services can help you build brand awareness, encourage product trial, and earn lifelong loyalists.

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