Infographic: Eco-Efficiency: Top 6 Tips to Activating a More Sustainable Experience

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the environment. Trends across multiple studies reveal that consumers are holding companies accountable and demanding that they behave in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way. In fact, a global study from Mastercard found that three-in-five consumers say it’s now more important than ever before to commit to sustainable practices. Plus, a study from McKinsey and NielsenIQtracked sales data (not just consumer sentiment) and found that companies that are bringing environmentally and socially responsible products to market are outpacing their less eco-friendly competitors – by 56%.

Considering these trends, Inspira’s latest infographic delves into the top six strategies your brand can adopt to enhance eco-efficiency in its activations. Increasing profitability while embracing environmental responsibility? It’s a definite win-win.


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Eco-Efficiency: Top 6 Tips to Activating a More Sustainable Experience



Look for venues that address carbon impact, use renewable and alternative energy sources, protect and restore water resources, utilize daylight, and offer natural ventilation sources.

  • There are over 110,000 LEED-certified buildings worldwide3.
  • Top 10 States for LEED Campaigns
    • New York
    • Illinois
    • Massachusetts
    • Washington
    • Georgia
    • Virginia
    • California
    • Colorado
    • Hawaii
    • Maryland


Set yourself apart from competition by collaborating with sustainable partners for a 360° eco-friendly experience.

  • Ovation Global DMC’s survey reveals that only 14 percent of respondents say their organization mandates the use of vendors actively working towards net-zero carbon events4


Encourage (or aid in providing) your consumers with public transportation to drastically reduce carbon emissions.

  • The study found that 90 percent of consumers look for sustainable options when traveling, but 70 percent feel overwhelmed by starting the process of being a more sustainable traveler5.
  • Compared with driving alone, taking public transportation reduces CO2 emissions by 45%6. It’s estimated that public transportation in the U.S. saves 37 million metric tons of carbon dioxide annually.
  • Transport is at the center of many economic and social development challenges, accounting for about 64% of global oil consumption, 27% of all energy use, and 23% of the world’s energy-related carbon dioxide emissions7.


Efficiently strategize your F&B order factoring in compostable crops, dietary preferences, and environmental impact.

  • The average event wastes between 15% and 20% of the food it produces8.
  • The environment is increasingly playing a role in purchasing decisions, with 42% of consumers stating they always or nearly always consider it, consulting firm Kearney found in its annual Earth Day Survey. This figure, the highest on record, was an 18 percentage point increase from the prior year8.


Customize eco-friendly giveaways for consumers to continually build brand awareness & brand loyalty post-activation.

  • Research shows the average American owns 30 promotional items, and 89 percent of consumers can recall the brand on a promotional item they received up to two years ago9


Integrating mobile apps, social media, web platforms, and AR/VR help to enhance your experience and reduce paper waste.

  • Over half (53%) said they would try a VR experience at an event, and almost the same amount (46%) said they would try AR at an event.



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