Infographic: Examining Technology’s Role in Travel

Face it — today’s travelers are doing everything from trip research and ticket booking to navigation and payments all from their computers and smartphones. Accordingly, brands need to have a keen understanding of technology’s role in travel or risk being left out of the equation altogether. Here, we take a look at how travel consumers use technology throughout the duration of their journeys.




Here are four things you need to know about technology’s role in travel:


Favorite Vacation Destinations

In speaking with consumers across all generations, YouGov found that 64% of Americans intend to travel in 2019, with little variance in intent from one age group to the next. What types of vacations are most popular amongst Americans?

41% visiting family and friends

32% beach vacations

28% sightseeing trips

23% trips to cities


Who’s Going With You?

While solo travel has picked up some steam in recent years, it’s clear that travel with friends and family is still the norm. Within the last year, Americans have traveled with…

51% spouse or partner

24% children

20% parents/grandparents

14% friends

9% alone

Brands looking to connect with travel consumers should make sure to appeal to families with travel packages, fun activities, and family-friendly messaging.


The Basics on Booking

During the planning process, 70% of travel consumers say their laptop or desktop is of the utmost importance. They vastly outpace smartphones (14%) and tablets (9%) in this regard. While they’re using those computers, they’re booking through…

31% official hotel websites

29% travel-specific websites

27% accommodation websites

However, once consumers have passed the pre-planning stage and embark on their journey, the focus shifts from computers to the smartphone.


The Role of the Smartphone

Once consumers have hit the road, train, or plane, the smartphone becomes the predominant piece of technology. Ninety-two percent of consumers with a smartphone bring it along in their travels and they use them for a wide variety of activities.


Staying in Touch

77% connect with people back home while traveling

74% use them to feel like they’re not missing anything

47% use them to post on social media

36% use them for on-the-go entertainment

23% keep in contact with co-workers or work email


Enhancing the Experience

78% take photos of their travels

59% use navigation applications

58% research for places to eat

50% research activities and things to do

18% make purchases via digital wallet


What Do Consumers Want from Their Travel Apps?

53% free of charge

39% runs quickly

37% secures my data

35% easier than website or calling

34% remembers my details or itinerary

32% e-tickets/boarding passes

29% digital check-in


Is your brand looking to connect with today’s travel consumers? Contact us to learn how our suite of experiential-led services can help you build brand awareness, encourage product trial, and earn lifelong loyalists.

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