Infographic: Food Shopping in the Pandemic

During the pandemic, 83% of adults have changed how they get their food and what they eat. And whether it’s mobile ordering, pick-up, or delivery, almost half of consumers are trying a new behavior for the first time. What changes are they making in what they eat and how they shop for it? In this infographic, we take a look.



Here are three things you need to know about food shopping in the pandemic:


Convenience is Key

Convenience has always been important to consumers, but the health crisis has only added to that. As consumers have worked to minimize their exposure out in public, they’ve sought out options that are close to home and available on the go.

  • 100% YoY increase in global searches for “available near me.”
  • 400% YoY increase in global searches for “dinner to go.”


Growth of Home Cooking

While to-go and delivery options have grown in popularity over the last year, so, too, has cooking at home.

  • 41% of Americans have reported cooking more during the pandemic
  • 35% report finding a new passion for cooking

Did you know? Not only are Americans cooking more, but they’re eating more healthily. Fifty-five percent say they have made changes to improve the healthfulness of their diet in the past six months. Those between ages 18-34 are even more likely to have done so (66%).


State of Shopping

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, 93% of Americans did the majority of their grocery shopping in stores. About one in five had previously used in-store pick-up, and one in ten had tried delivery. Below, you can see how consumers are shopping since the pandemic began.

  • 82% in-store
  • 49% delivery or pick-up
  • 28% curbside pick-up
  • 24% home delivery
  • 20% in-store pick-up

While stores remain the most popular outlet for grocery shoppers, consumers are being much more intentional about their shopping trips. What are the top changes shoppers have made when buying groceries at the store during the pandemic?

  • 70% Fewer trips to store
  • 55% Getting in and out more quickly
  • 54% Going shopping when it’s less busy
  • 42% More detailed list in advance
  • 36% Buying more in bulk


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