Infographic: Here Comes Halloween!

A favorite among children and adults alike, Halloween provides everyone an opportunity to get dressed up, get together with friends and family, and bond over a shared love of sweets. In this infographic, we take a glimpse at the outlook for Halloween 2019 with a special focus on what consumers are spending on, their plans for the big day, the most popular candies, and what everyone (and their dog) is getting dressed up as.


Here Comes Halloween!

Here are three things you need to know about consumers and their preparation for Halloween this year:


Spooky Spending

According to the National Retail Federation, 68% of Americans plan to celebrate Halloween this year, with 37% having started their shopping before the month of October arrived. What is the average consumer spending on?

  • $31.05 on Costumes
  • $26.03 on Decorations
  • $25.37 on Candy
  • $3.82 on Greeting Cards


What Everyone is Up to on the 31st?

How do Americans plan to celebrate the day? By handing out candy, of course.

  • 69% Handing Out Candy
  • 49% Decorating Home
  • 47% Dress in Costume
  • 44% Carve Pumpkin
  • 32% Attend or Host Party
  • 29% Trick-or-Treat

Reese’s Reigns Supreme

In order to help us make data-driven candy decisions, YouGov polled youngsters across the country to find out their favorite sweet treats. One candy stood above the rest.

  • 18% Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  • 8% Kit Kat
  • 7% Snickers
  • 7% M&Ms
  • 7% Sour Patch Kids


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