Infographic: How Americans are Preparing for Mother’s Day 2020

Like all other events that are mainstays on our calendars, Mother’s Day projects to be a little bit different in 2020. However, that’s not to say that the day of appreciation for the women in our lives will go by the wayside. In fact, 78% of consumers say that celebrating Mother’s Day is even more important to them given the current state of the pandemic. That sentiment is also expected to bring an increase in spending over last year – in spite of all the economic concerns surrounding COVID-19. Below, we share Americans’ plans and priorities for Mother’s Day 2020.


How Americans are Preparing for Mothers Day 2020


Here are four things you need to know about consumers’ plans and priorities for Mother’s Day 2020:


Spending Stays Up

While most Americans won’t be able to take their moms out this year, they’re making up for it by spending a little bit extra. 

  • Total Spending:
    • 2018: $23.14
    • 2019: $24.95B
    • 2020: $26.7B
  • Average Consumer Spending:
    • 2018: $179.77
    • 2019: $196.47
    • 2020: $204.74

For those who plan to spend less this year, 77% say it is due to the impact of COVID-19.


Shift in Gifts

While some more traditional gifts stand atop the list, others like electronics, books, and housewares/gardening tools are seeing substantial year-over-year growth – due in part to the circumstances amid the pandemic. These are the average expenditures among the top categories.

  • Jewelry: $40.38
  • Special Outings: $31.26
  • Electronics: $22.48
  • Gift Cards: $22.04
  • Flowers: $19.62
  • Personal Service: $16.13
  • Housewares/Gardening Tools: $11.62
  • Books/CDs: $5.44

Did you know? Thirty-five percent of consumers are interested in gifting a subscription box for Mother’s Day. Another 25% are thinking about gifts of experiences despite the current limitations of social distancing.


The Thought That Counts

What is most important to consumers when picking out a Mother’s Day gift?

  • 43% finding a gift that is unique or different
  • 41% finding a gift that creates a special memory
  • 25% finding a gift that’s convenient for me
  • 17% finding a gift that’s cheaper or most cost effective


Socially-Distant Celebrations

For those in states where social distancing is still firmly in place, the day will be a little bit different. That’s represented by the 66% of people who are planning to have a virtual Mother’s Day celebration. Below, you can see some of the other popular activities for those sheltering-in-place.

  • Breakfast in Bed
  • At-Home Spa Day
  • Family Video Call
  • Doing a Puzzle Together

Even still, 46% of consumers want to celebrate mom with a special day out or activity – showing the eagerness to recreate a sense of normalcy.

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