Infographic: How Brands Can Deliver Recipe Inspiration

In our newest infographic, we’re looking at what consumers want to add to their diet and what they want to avoid. We also examine how marketers can capture their attention–and most importantly, their appetite!

Health and wellness are on consumers’ minds. Researchers found that 70% of consumers of all ages say that they plan to prioritize their health within the next year, and they’re looking to brands for recipe inspiration. 

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Hungry Consumers Have Good Intentions

Consumers know what’s good for them…and what’s not. Researchers asked 3,000 consumers1 across all age groups what they wished to add to their diets and what foods they wanted to avoid.

What Consumers Want to Add to Their Diet

These are the top five ingredients consumers want to fold into their recipes more often:

  1. Vegetables
  2. Fruit
  3. Protein
  4. Water
  5. Fish

What Consumers Want to Remove or Avoid

On the flipside, here are the top five elements hungry shoppers want to eliminate from their diet, or at the very least reduce:

  1. Sugar
  2. Fatty foods
  3. Salt
  4. Carbohydrates
  5. Heavily processed foods

Now that we know consumers’ do’s and don’t, we can ask ourselves where marketers can place their inspirational recipes containing those ingredients.

Consumers Seek Healthy Recipes on Social Media

There’s no shortage of recipe inspo on social. In fact, the #healthyrecipes hashtag on TikTok has almost 13 billion views and that doesn’t include specialized categories such as #healthybreakfast recipes or #healthyveganrecipes. 

Here’s a look at the growing role social media plays in discovery and purchase inspiration.

Prepared a recipe that they saw on social media:1 

TikTok 50%

YouTube 46%

Instagram 42%

Social media influenced them to purchase a food or beverage from a brand they previously didn’t know about:1

TikTok 39%

YouTube 30%

Instagram 33%

Purchased a food or beverage from a brand they already knew about:1

TikTok 35%

YouTube 27%

Instagram 27%

As you can see, TikTok as the top of each category, but Instagram and YouTube aren’t far behind. 

Top Social Media Food Trends of 2023

From last year’s viral feta pasta to this year’s Brazilian Lemonade, brands need to know what’s trending so they can create content accordingly.1

  • Fruit Roll Up Ice Cream
  • Butter Boards (or any version of this)
  • Tinned Fish
  • Vegetarian Pasta Recipes
  • Mushrooms as a meat alternative
  • Kelp superfood
  • Pickles and Fermented foods
  • Alcohol-free cocktails

Brands and marketers looking to make an impact should be creating healthy recipes with their products, recipes featuring the healthy, natural ingredients consumers are looking for. 

Sharing those recipes in engaging videos and posts on social media, with the proper hashtags, can get your product going viral in 2023.


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