Infographic: How Experiences Create Buzz-Worthy Word-of-Mouth

Research shows that consumers who participate in rewarding experiential brand engagements are 25% more loyal and 200 times more likely to recommend the brand or product. As consumers grow increasingly skeptical of advertising messages, creating one-to-one engagements builds brand trust. And, when consumers recommend the brands they love to friends and family, 83% of Americans say they are more likely to purchase that product or service.

Here, we explain how brands can turn experiences into word-of-mouth moments.




Here are five facts that help explain how experiential marketing creates word-of-mouth buzz for your brand.


Brand Activations Initiate Social Sharing

98% of consumers create digital or social content at events and experiences and 100% share it



Engaging with Consumers Builds Brand Love

After attending a brand-sponsored event, consumers say they are

91% have an improved opinion of a brand after a hands-on experience

85% are more likely to purchase the brand



Chatter Matters

On a scale of 1-5, how likely are you to recommend a product to a friend based on each of the following factors?

4.93 positive experience using the product

4.00 someone I trust recommends the product to me

3.84 reading reviews about the product

3.79. seamless shopping experience



Five Star Reviews

83% of Americans have recommended a product or service…and they do it frequently

How often do you recommend products/brands?

55% monthly

30% weekly

8% daily



I Heard It Through the Grapevine…

Experiential marketing can reach far beyond the footprint. Consumers of all ages say they’ve recommended a product, service, brand, or company because they heard about it from a friends or family

Generation Z 48%

Millennials 41%

Gen X 38%

Boomers 38%


Contact us today to learn how our suite of experiential marketing services can turn brand engagements into word-of-mouth moments.

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