Infographic: Millennials are Changing the World of Pet Parenting

Americans have always held a special place in their hearts for pets, and this continues to hold true today. However, today’s pet-owners seem to be even more obsessed with their furry friends than ever before, as evidenced by continuously increasing expenditures within the category. The impetus for this growth? Look no further than Millennials. Here, we take a look a the growth of the pet industry and show how Millennials are leaving their (paw) print on the category.


Here are five facts you need to know about the changing landscape in the pet industry:

Business is Booming

Veterinary Services $26.9B (+6.3%)

Non-Medical Pet Services $8.8B (+5%)

Pet Food $33.1B (+4.9%)

Pet Supplies $16.8B (+2.5%)

Food for Thought

71% increase in number of pet food brands since 2011 (630 total)

88% increase in number of SKUs (over 22,000)

Millennials and Furry Friends

Millennials make up the largest segment of the pet-owning population, accounting for 38% of ownership by generation.

73% own a pet

56% own a dog

36% own a cat

Whether it’s finding new food, toys, or tech, this cohort is constantly concerned with the welfare of its furry friends. They’re interested in…

47% Nutrition Apps

46% Veterinary Telemedicine

40% Pet-Monitoring Cameras

31% Fitness Trackers

Pets as Child-Rearing Prep

92% purchase gifts for their pets, such as toys, clothing, and treats

51% purchase a gift at least once a month

Separation Anxiety?

84% frequently worry about their pets when they’re apart for short periods of time

71% would take a pay cut if it meant they could bring their pet(s) to work every day

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