Infographic: Online Grocery Shopping & Subscriptions

Stay-at-home orders, physical distancing, and fear of crowded markets have forced consumers to shop differently. During the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping across all categories increased dramatically. Although consumers will continue to shop online for some products and convenience, our research found that consumers will, for the most part, return to grocery stores for their food and beverage needs. Here, we look at how shopping shifted during the pandemic and how they’re likely to evolve in the future.




Here are four things you need to know about online grocery shopping and subscriptions:


Consumers’ go-to channels for online grocery shopping

  1. Grocery store’s online portal
  2. Amazon
  3. Instacart


Consumers like the convenience, but still anticipate returning to stores

How often do you anticipate shopping for online groceries in the future?

  • 32% always/very often
  • 32% not very often
  • 19% sometimes     
  • 17% never

Despite their popularity during the pandemic, subscription services struggle to gain traction with consumers.

Do you have a food/beverage subscription service?

  • 18% yes
  • 82% no

Yet, those who subscribe to these services love them

  • 97% say they will utilize a subscription service post-pandemic
  • 94% believe these services are a good value

Did you know? Forty-two percent of subscription service users say that convenience is the deciding factor.

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