Infographic: The United States of Snacking

During the lockdown, families were confined to their homes without much to do. So, it’s not surprising to learn that 46% of Americans say they are snacking more now than before the pandemic began. While snacking may have been a panacea for boredom, it appears that those noshing behaviors may linger even as the country begins to open up. In fact, PepsiCo recently announced the launch of two new direct-to-consumer websites — Snacking.com and PantryShop.com — to address both our love of snacks and the emergence of online shopping behaviors. Here, we look at which snacks are most appealing to consumers and where the opportunities are for brands.


The United States of Snacking


Here are three things you need to know about consumers’ evolving snacking habits:


Top Five Reasons for Snacking

  1. Hungry/thirsty
  2. Craving sweet snacks
  3. Craving salty snacks
  4. Bored
  5. Need Energy

Fast Fact! Since January 1st 2020, sales of salty snacks grew by 8.5%  


It’s Time for a Snack

Although consumers snack throughout the day, they’re snacking most in the afternoon and evening hours.

  • 22% early morning
  • 29% morning
  • 62% afternoon
  • 55% evening
  • 39% late evening


Healthy Snacks Get a Green Light

Although sweet and salty snacks are popular, consumers want snacks they can feel good about. Here are the benefits they crave. Among consumers polled, these were their top choices:

  • 54% vitamins and minerals
  • 48% high fiber
  • 47% less sugar
  • 39% natural/organic
  • 38% functional foods (high protein, collagen-enhanced, probiotic)

Did you know? Collagen-enhanced foods have seen +46% growth in the past year.

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