Infographic: Top Tips to Plan Your Marketing Event This Summer

Summer is in full bloom, and interest in attending summer events in 2023 is bouncing back. In fact, 81% of attendees surveyed plan to spend as much or more on live events/experiences in summer 2023 than they did in 2022.1 



Learn the best ways to coax folks back into the sun, what events consumers are most likely to attend, why travel is experiencing a resurgence, and which regions of the United States are more gung-ho than others with Inspira’s latest infographic below. 

The Transformative Outdoor and Hybrid Events Consumers Are Up For

69% of attendees surveyed favor events that offer a meaningful, transformative experience.1

The outdoor events each generation wants more of in the summer of 20231:

  1. Gen Z: Music festivals, outdoor parties, and water activities 
  2. Millennials: Concerts at independent/local music venues, music festivals, and wine and food festivals 
  3. Gen X/Boomers: Concerts at independent/local music venues, music festivals, and wine and food festivals 

56% of event attendees love to participate in hybrid or virtual events when they’re unable to attend. 49% say they attend virtual and hybrid events for ease of scheduling.1

Source: 2023 Summer Event Trends Report – North America | Eventbrite

Summer Travel Is Seeing a Revival

22% of summer travelers plan to take at least one flight this summer, up from 14% in 2022.2 

Interestingly, 19% of those taking more trips are specifically trying to make up for trips they couldn’t take during the pandemic.2

In the United States, the South and North-East regions are showing the greatest desire to return to pre-pandemic summer activity levels.3

Source: The Experience Economy Endures: 2023 Summer Travel Survey | Deloitte

Indoor Events Are Also Getting a Boost This Summer

The trending data shows desire for summer activities coming back in 2023, with indoor events also seeing the strongest uptick. If the heat and the great outdoors aren’t your “thing,” elevate your events by targeting these areas of highest enthusiasm:

Women are more likely to go to bars and comedy shows, up 3% and 2% between 2019 and 2023.3  

Men are more likely to attend indoor performances and go to museums, up 4% and 3% respectively in 2023 than in 2019.3

Source: State of the Summer 2023 | YouGov

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