Infographic: Understanding American Travel Trends

With American travel consumers starting to value experiences over material possessions, it’s been a boon to the travel industry. Many are saving money to go on trips with their loved ones — or even alone — and others are willing to pick up a new job just to fund their next adventure. However, research from Expedia shows that no two travelers are the same. Here, we look at American travel consumers across generations to understand how they plan and what they like to do while they’re away.


Here, we take a look at four facts about the American travel consumer:

A Priority for the Majority

74% of Americans say that experiences are a bigger priority than things

57% of Americans say that they’re currently saving money specifically allocated for travel

It’s Worth a Sacrifice

71% of Gen Z respondents say they’d pick up a part-time job to save up money for a trip

49% of Gen Z and Millennials said they’ll sell some of their clothes or furniture to save money for a trip

A Need for Speed

80% of Americans say it would be helpful to be able to book all travel and accommodations on one website

50% of Gen Z said it would be preferable

48% of Millennials said it would be preferable

The “Social” Impact

27% of Millennials have posted about a potential trip on social media to get opinions before booking

36% of Gen Z have chosen a destination specifically because they saw posts about it on social media

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