Infographic: Understanding CBD and its Advocates

As states across the country deliberate over the legalization of medicinal and recreational marijuana, many Americans have turned to cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound in cannabis that purportedly offers a variety of medical benefits to its users. Here, we take a look at CBD users: who they are, why they turn to it, and their sentiments on the increasingly popular natural remedy.


Here are four facts you need to know about CBD and its users:


55% female

45% male

Use Varies By Age

Age – Health and Well-Being – Medical Condition

<24 – 52.2% – 47.8%

25-34 – 52.4% – 47.6%

35-44 – 42.5% – 57.5%

45-54 – 37.1% – 62.9%

55-64 – 33.8% – 66.2%

65-74 – 28.9% – 71.1%

Treating Many Maladies

Arthritis and Joint Pain




Migraines and Headaches

42% say they stopped using traditional medications or prescription drugs and switched to CBD

80% say they found products to be very or extremely effective

Education is an Issue

8% of consumers admit they don’t know which CBD product they had used

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