Infographic: Understanding Outdoor Enthusiasts

Whether it’s at work, play, or leisure, millions of Americans have bought into the wellness movement in an attempt to live a healthier life. One such way is with physical activity, and that has led to a rekindling of the flame between Americans and the outdoors. Here, we shine a light on the outdoor enthusiasts among us in an attempt to understand who they are, what they like, and how brands should communicate to them in order to separate their products from the rest of the pack.




Here are three things you need to know about outdoor enthusiasts:


Overview of the Outdoor Consumer

Of adults between the ages of 18 and 65, 60% are considered outdoor consumers based on the following qualifications:

1. Spent at least one hour per week outdoors

2. Participated in traditional or non-traditional outdoor activities in the last year

3. Purchased apparel, footwear, equipment, or technology for outdoor activities


Benefits and Barriers

Brands looking to appeal to outdoor enthusiasts would be wise to communicate how their products help consumer reap the benefits of the outdoors and break barriers.


Top-Rated Benefits

1. Sunshine

2. Fresh Air

3. Family Time

4. Fun


Oft-Cited Barriers

1. Lack of Free Time

2. Cost of Participating


Did you know? Forty-three percent of outdoor enthusiasts have kids at home, making it imperative that brands provide opportunities for the kids to get involved.


Consumer Spending

Outdoor consumers spend nearly $500 each year on their gear and technology.

30% on Apparel

26% on Equipment

26% on Footwear

18% on Gadgets


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