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Infographic: Understanding Runners as Consumers

With many consumers avoiding gyms for the time being — or unable to access them altogether — they’re resorting to the great outdoors and makeshift home gym setups to get their exercise in. Running, in particular, has been one of the most popular forms of exercise during the pandemic, with a Trend Insight survey indicating that 61% of fitness consumers have done so in recent months. In this infographic, we take a look at avid runners, their habits, and their needs from a consumer perspective amidst the pandemic.



Training Amid the Pandemic

In a survey of runners conducted by Trend Insight, nearly half of respondents said they run 16 or more times a month — with the vast majority doing so on either the roads or trails. Though the running community has been robbed of in-person races for the past year, a surprising amount of runners have participated in a virtual race.

How often do you run?

  • 49% 16+ times a month
  • 26% 11-15
  • 19% 5-10
  • 6% 1-4

Where do you usually run?

  • 48% street
  • 34% trail
  • 6% treadmill
  • 4% park
  • 3% outdoor track

Have you participated in a virtual race?

  • 43% yes
  • 57% no


What and Where They Buy

From a brand perspective, the lack of live races removes one of the best ways to connect with consumers. Despite those challenges, avid runners are still looking to gear up in the coming months. Over half of respondents buy running apparel three or more times a year, and three of four buy new running shoes at least twice a year.

Where do you primarily shop for your running footwear and apparel?

  • 38% running specialty store
  • 17% sporting goods store
  • 17% ecommerce site (no affiliation with any store)
  • 14% ecommerce site (footwear brand specific)

In terms of apparel, over two-thirds of avid runners say that socks are very important to their running experience. Thirty-six percent deem insoles very important. Aside from those essentials, what other accessories do runners use?

  • 83% watch/fitness tracker
  • 81% headphones/music
  • 70% sunglasses
  • 61% hydration bottle/pack
  • 49% nutrition products
  • 48% sunscreen
  • 42% reflective gear

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