Infographic: Unpacking Consumer Sentiment Surrounding COVID-19

The current pandemic has had widespread effects across the globe, and we continue to feel them here in the United States as the disease spreads and social distancing persists. While public health, of course, is the main priority, companies are looking for ways to stay relevant in the meantime. Here, we take a look at where consumers stand on brand communications, their behavioral changes during this time, and the things they will and won’t spend on in the coming weeks.

Unpacking Consumer Sentiment Surrounding COVID-19_v2


Here are three things you need to know about where consumers stand at this time:


Hearing from Brands

How do consumers feel about brand communications during the COVID-19 pandemic?

  • 56% are pleased to hear about brands taking actions like making donations of goods and services
  • 43% are reassured to hear from the brands they know and trust
  • 40% want to hear what brands are doing in response to the pandemic
  • 15% do not want to hear from brands at this time


Feelings on Finances

It’s an unsettling time for all of us, and the pandemic has had ramifications beyond just public health. Americans plan to tighten up their wallets in the coming weeks. 

  • 59% say they need to be careful about how they spend their money (at least through the next few weeks)
  • 48% will cut back on spending
  • 38% say the uncertainty is preventing them from making purchases or investments they would otherwise make
  • 31% said their ability to work has been reduced
  • 31% said the ability to make financial ends meet has been negatively impacted
  • 30% said their income has been negatively impacted


What is Everyone Up to?

In terms of behavioral changes, here’s how Americans are keeping themselves occupied at home. The following represent the percentage of consumers who have increased each behavior as a result of the pandemic.

  • 43% consumption of live news
  • 42% watching movies or shows
  • 40% reading news online
  • 38% watching TV
  • 34% texting, chatting, messaging
  • 33% social media
  • 27% reading for personal interest
  • 23% online groceries
  • 13% reading print news
  • 11% working

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