Infographic: Why the Fuss About Plant-Based Proteins?

With the recent success of companies such as Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, plant-based proteins have entered our collective consciousness. However, the push for plant-based proteins extends far beyond burger alternatives. In fact, today’s consumers can buy plant-based alternatives in chips, pasta, and even frozen meals. For both the betterment of personal health and for the betterment of the environment, American consumers are turning to plant-based proteins more often than ever. Let’s take a look at plant-based protein preferences in America.



Here are four things you need to know about plant-based protein preferences in America:


Strong Sentiments

66% believe meat alternatives are healthier than meat

56% say high protein is an important consideration when grocery shopping

52% have made dietary changes in the last two years to include more plant-based foods and beverages

20% are willing to pay more for these foods


An Emerging Market

Plant-based protein supplements experienced 51% YoY growth, outpacing the 15% growth of the entire protein supplement category


Proliferation of Products

In the last year, these plant-based items have seen the most growth in terms of product launches:

50% Dairy Products

28% Meals / Meal Kits

24% Meat


Taste Reigns Supreme

Unsurprisingly, taste and nutrition are the two leading factors that drive consumers to choose plant proteins:

52% Taste

39% Health Concerns

13% Environment

11% Animal Rights

10% Diet


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