Infographic: Women Leading the Way in Alcohol Trends

The past few years have marked a time of major change in the alcoholic beverage industry. From the summertime explosion of hard seltzers to increased focus on sustainability in the on and off premise, it’s clear that consumers’ priorities are ever-changing. But who is it that is driving these changes? Social listening tells us that women are leading the way when it comes to the alcohol industry’s shift towards health-conscious beverages and an eco-friendly focus.



Here are two things you need to know about how women are driving trends in alcohol:

Health & Wellness On The Mind

In the last year, there has been a sharp increase in social chatter about health topics surrounding alcohol. Which topics are seeing the greatest increase in conversation?

  • Keto: +214%
  • High-Fat: +119%
  • Inflammation: +102%
  • Disease: +93%
  • Diabetes: +85%
  • Low-Carb: +83%
  • Gut: +74%
  • Calories: +69%

Whether it’s diet-specific concerns like ketosis and calories or seeking beverages that are good for the gut, consumers are far more mindful of what they put in their bodies these days — even with alcohol. However, it’s clear that women are the ones pushing this trend to the forefront.

Did you know? Social Standards tells us that these health-related concerns skew heavily towards women from ages 45-54. Brands touting better-for-you alcoholic beverages would be wise to cater to this group. 


Alcohol Goes Eco-Friendly

While the wellness movement has made consumers more conscious about the health value of their beverages, concerns surround climate change have forced us to think about the environmental impact of our decisions, too — and the alcohol industry is no exception. Which topics are seeing the greatest increase in conversation in the last year?

  • Plastic-Free: +479%
  • Zero-Waste: +185%
  • Eco-Friendly: +107%
  • Environment: +99%
  • Sustainable: +84%
  • Waste: +67%

Did you know? The majority of consumer conversation has surrounded packaging, with women from ages 25-44 being the primary drivers of this trend.

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