Infographic: Store Brand vs. Your Brand: Where Thrifty Consumers Save and Splurge

Though inflation continues to slow, consumers are still looking to save at the grocery store. Store brands might be the answer for some, but brand loyalty is still a factor. Check our latest infographic about how consumers are feeling about their dollars and your brand. 


National vs. Store Brand Preferences

Prefer store brand: 31%

Prefer national brands but open to store brands: 29%

Prefer store brands but open to national brands: 16%

Prefer national brand: 8%

Top Commodities Shoppers Are Willing to Switch to Store Brands

The percentage of market share change over the last two years

Frozen: +3.8%

Healthcare (OTC): +2.7%

Shelf Stable: +1.7%

Household Cleaning: -2.6%

Top Reasons Why They Switch to Store Brands

  1. Quality is just as good
  2. Store brands offer variety/selection that meets my needs
  3. Store brands offer product size(s) that meets my needs

Top Commodities Shoppers Are Not Willing to Switch to Store Brands

Notes percentage of market share change over the last two years.

Beauty: +7.4%

Pet: +2.7%

Drinks: +2.1%

Personal Care: +0.04%

Top Reasons Why They Don’t Switch

  1. Quality is not as good
  2. I always buy some national brands I like
  3. Store brands do not offer the variety or selection that meets my needs

How Consumers Feel About Spending on Groceries

Women’s shopping behaviors indicate they are increasingly thrifty, while men are more willing to spend more on groceries.

Discount shopping visits by gender:

Men: 51% in 2021, 50% in 2022, 45% in 2023

Women: 49% of 2021, 50% of 2022, 55% of 2023

How Women Are Stretching Their Budgets

  1. Shopping sales more often
  2. Taking fewer shopping trips
  3. Buying store or generic brands
  4. Shopping closer to home
  5. Online comparison shopping


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