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The 75 Hard of TikTok

Everyone knows that TikTok is the platform you need to be on.

With 1 billion users, yes BILLION, it is available in 150 countries and has been downloaded over 200 million times in the United States alone. If you search “how many people have a TikTok,” some of the first words you’ll see are “if your brand’s target audience includes anyone between the age of 13 and 60, you should be on TikTok right now.” If that doesn’t already sell you on the idea, read our full blog about it here.

Okay, okay, we know you get it, so we’ll stop talking about all the reasons why you need to be on the app and go more into how you can be successful on it. One tactic we’ve been looking at is the 75 Hard of TikTok.


What is the 75 Hard of TikTok?

JT Barnett (@jtbarnett) is a content creator and social media guru whose accounts have accumulated over 1.5M followers. He also teaches personal creators and businesses how to perform well on TikTok.

One of his newest strategies is what he calls “The 75 Hard of TikTok,” which basically entails 3 original videos per day for 30 days It’s also known as “The 3X30 Content Challenge.”

In his explanation of the challenge he goes into how, in order to get TikTok, you have to immerse yourself into it as a CREATOR.This is why he recommends the challenge.

How to do the 75 Hard of TikTok

To start, simply come up with 3-5 different content types  or “series” you can do consistently. Some examples include storytelling, day-in-the-life, routines, or how it’s made.

Here’s the kicker: you can’t follow trends. You can use trending sounds to ride a wave of engagement, but make sure to stay away from copying the way anyone else is using it.

This technique is so upheld because it’s not a trend or a one-hit-wonder that will get you 500K views and then no engagement for 6 months. This is a technique in which your viewers are seeing ORIGINAL content that will create data for you and/or your brand to see what content resonates best with your audience.

The Rules of the 75 Hard of TikTok:


  • Ideally 1 video from each content type/ series you come up with


  •  At least 10 hashtags pertaining to either your niche or your location (ex: #losangelesblogger, #foodandbeverage, #businesstok)
  • A caption
  • At least 1 text overlay
  • A cover you selected


  • This rule only stands for your first 3 pieces of content; if you’ve already posted 3 originals in a day, feel free to play with trends.


If you’d like to utilize a 3X30 content calendar you can find the downloadable and editable one here.

If you’re considering giving this a shot but you’re feeling a little intimidated, invite some friend to join you and stick with it. It’s only 30 days, and you never know how far your brand can go in such a short amount of time.
We know this is A LOT.  The real challenge is going to kick in after the initial first days of excitement and inspiration, but hey, that’s where the best creative undertaking begins… Right?

Give it a shot and see how it goes. And if the 75 hard of TikTok sounds a little too, well, hard, our content creation services are just one click away.

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