Tips on Developing Your Brand’s Instagram Aesthetic

Since its launch back in 2010, Instagram has become one of the major stakeholders in the world of social media. With over 95 million photos posted on the app each day according to Sprout Social, it’s now more important than ever to produce branded content that stands out from the endless corporate clutter. The fix? Establishing an aesthetic for your brand.

At first, many brands used Instagram as a means to showcase their products and services. However, this approach fails to resonate with the modern day social media user. Instead, the brands that are most successful are the ones that showcase how they fit into the lifestyle of consumers through a refined aesthetic. See how the best are doing it through these three easy tips!

1. Set the Visual Mood

Whether you’re an emerging or established brand, Instagram serves as a tool to both showcase and tailor your brand identity. A great example of this stems from Wildfox, a contemporary women’s fashion brand designed in LA that seeks to “embody the ethos of California.” Breaking into the fashion scene back in 2007, Wildfox continues to put the brand’s retro, carefree, and feminine aesthetic at the forefront of its marketing initiatives and apparel collections. By using vintage photo filters, cohesive color schemes, and dreamy subject matter, Wildfox’s Instagram feed sets an atmospheric mood that transports the consumer into the life of a California socialite. Because this is an image that the brand’s audience (mostly comprised of “trendy” millennial women) seeks to emulate, Wildfox successfully creates a lasting connection with consumers. It’s no surprise that, over the years, Wildfox has become a favorite amongst celebrities and influencers on an international scale. 


2. Know Your Audience

Brands that curate an Instagram feed and take a more creative approach also see a lift in visibility and engagement. For example, Taco Bell utilizes Instagram to echo its brand slogan, “Live Mas”, featuring vibrant, fun images that cater to Millennials and Gen Z. It’s certainly not what you’d typically expect from a fast food chain – Taco Bell integrates art, visual design, and typography into its very creative strategy. Signature sauce packets spell out cheery quotes, Baja Blast beverages are arranged in eclectic patterns, and new products are announced in the form of comics.  By investing in the brand’s aesthetic and recognizing the type of content its target audience responds to, Taco Bell has paved the path for fast food chains looking to maintain relevance on the platform.


3. Add Value and Be Authentic

Due to Instagram’s expressive and social nature, lifestyle brands have found real value with the platform. A giant on Instagram, Vans’s feed highlights skateboarding, music, surfing, and art, all with its products at the center. The brand’s core lifestyle focus is constantly reinforced through curated images and exhibits an active edge that is authentic to its values.  This down-to-earth approach makes product-centric images feel organic rather than like an ad. By demonstrating how Vans fits into your life, there’s a natural purchase intent as a result.



While brand social media accounts have become the standard at this point, there are a few techniques that differentiate standout brands from the rest. By paying close attention to what makes brands like Taco Bell, Vans, and Wildfox successful, you, too, can maximize the results of your own Instagram account.   

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