Why Customized Experiences Are Gaining Momentum

Not only is there a movement towards more customized products for consumers, the case for customized experiences is gaining momentum. The last decade witnessed a rise in individualism, and with this, came the desire for people to stand out. Now, today’s consumers are looking for ways to do so—and customization fits that gap. That’s why they’re seeking out products and goods that allow them to showcase their unique personality, style, and beyond. 

But how do customized, more personal experiences play into this trend? When asked, 85% of companies say that they believe they’re offering consumers personalized experiences. However, 60% of consumers surveyed agree with that. There’s a tremendous opportunity for brands to harness the power of personal, customized experiences. Here’s why it is so critical that they do so.

Why Is Customizing The Customer Experience So Vital? 

Did you know that nearly 70% of companies rate personalizing their consumer experience to be a top priority for them? This statistic, while jarring, is unsurprising. Given the trend towards customization that we’re seeing in everything from sneakers to clothing to hair care products and beyond, it makes sense that companies want to harness the power of personal. But why?

In short, customizing the customer experience is critical because today’s consumers believe that the brands they interact with should view them as an individual. Consequently, they’re demanding more customized, tailor-made products. Customized, personal experiences offer brands the opportunity to demonstrate to these consumers that they know what they want, that they’re listening, and that they see them as their own unique person. 

In addition, customers expect today’s brands to fit their individual needs. Gone are the days where mass marketing will prove effective. Now, personalization and customization are key to reaching your consumers. And in a world where customers are shifting loyalty at an alarming rate, customized experiences and products might be just what your consumers need to stay put.

What Does A Customized Experience Look Like? 

You might be wondering what exactly a customized experience looks like for your brand. Truthfully, there is not just one way to create a customized experience for your consumers, and the best strategies will be multifaceted. 

Customers are revealing complex and evolving consumer behaviors, but one thing that’s for sure is that they are increasingly omnichannel. Now more than ever, creating a cohesive experience for customers across all channels is necessary. This also means that your consumers are expecting a uniquely-them experience no matter where they look. 

And while there’s space for customized experiences in the digital realm, there’s also an opportunity to bring that into the physical one, too. Of course, there’s also a space for personalized experiences in the experiential marketing space. For instance, at a brand activation, a company can offer consumers the opportunity to create and customize their own product. Because consumers value personalization, 46% even share that they are willing to wait longer for their personalized product to arrive. 

Looking to create a brand activation that harnesses the power and momentum personalization offers? Reach out to Inspira to learn more about how our agency can bring an experiential marketing campaign centered around personalization to life. 


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