Why Your Brand Should Invest In Experiential Marketing

After two years of lockdown, summer and fall 2022 are shaping up to be prime time for brands to get back to live events. In fact, a recent survey found that 81% of brands are launching experiential marketing campaigns this year. Why? It’s simple, when people have positive and authentic one-to-one experiences with brands, they become lifelong brand advocates. Here’s what the research says about the power of brand experience.

Five Experiential Marketing Statistics You Should Know in 2022

  1. According to HubSpot research, 91% of consumers reported they would be more inclined to purchase a brand or service after participating in a brand experience or activation.
  2. McKinsey found that after attending an in-store sampling activation, 65% of consumers purchased the product. Among them, 80% said they bought the product because they had the opportunity to sample it first and 58% said they intend to buy the product again. 
  3. EventTrack found 75% of event attendees say they have a more positive opinion about the company, product, or brand after attending an event, vastly surpassing digital or TV ads as methods of recognizing and learning about a brand.
  1. Business Insider reported that among brands that invested in experiential pop-ups, market visibility improved by 51%, sales increased by 46%, social media engagement increased 46% and web traffic increased by 22%.
  1. 82% of consumers in a Harvard Business Review study said they buy from brands they feel emotionally connected to and are equally as likely to recommend those brands to family, friends, and share on social media. This demonstrates that one-to-one brand/consumer relationships and trust are critical to building loyalty.

With this in mind, marketers are increasingly integrating live experiences back into their marketing mix. “People are tired of living life behind a screen,” explains Jeff Snyder, CEO of creative solutions agency, Inspira Marketing. “They’re spending money on experiences and buying tickets to concerts, festivals, and events. This is a prime opportunity for brands to connect with their target consumer and build long-term relationships.”

 Is your brand seeking innovative ways to connect with consumers? Contact us today to discover how our experiential marketing team can build your brand.


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